• Date
  • November 23,2018

  • Time
  • 09:20:am - 10:30:am

Starting school marks an important milestone in the lives of young children. Recent studies suggest that children’s adjustment to their first year at school is strongly influenced by their familiarity with the school setting.

Helping to make the transition from home or a preschool to the school situation as smooth as possible is of paramount importance to the Prep Team at Chelsea Primary School. We believe our Transition Program will:

  • assist pre-schoolers in making a successful adjustment to the school environment,
  • offer an opportunity to participate in classroom activities,
  • encourage new friendships,
  • provide information and support for parents,
  • build excitement for school life.
Please come to the office at 9.20am where you will be welcomed and taken to the classroom form a 9.30am start.

Parent sessions will be conduted at the same time in the Multi-Purpose Room. Please join us to hear our exciting teahcing, learning and wellbeing programs.

Please contact the office on 9773 2055 for more information.